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Os Incognitos All the latest and funniest movies from the web.
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  • Project start Jan 19th 2012
  • Plantaform Android
  • Project Publication Jan 20th 2012

Os Incognitos

OsIncognitos Android app, belongs to the website, this app show only the latest youtube videos form osincognitos.com The use of the app does not replace the use of the website, for only youtube videos will be presented in the application!

What are OsIncógnitos? What happens when a group of people together to make something that already exists? the answer is a tuna salad! and that what we are!

OsIncognitos acess a special designed page on OsIncognitos.com server, so all the news in the app will be always fully sync with the full website.

The app already available on Android Market, for Android Phones and Tablets. And even for the BlackBerry Playbook!

Available in Android Market

Available in BlackBerry App World

Din4mic - Tiago Gonçalves portfolio 2012/13