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MemeFall My first android game
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  • Project start Dec 21th 2011
  • Plantaform Android
  • Project Publication Feb 10th 2012

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What is MemeFall? Is a 2D android game about memes.

In memefall you use the phone/tablet's acelerometer to play, leaning the phone or tablet left and right to move your character throw the game and avoid the rainbow, collecting coins, and avoiding nyan cats.

The objective is to take the maximum number of coins by the end of each level. If you get caught by the "rainbow" lose the game, and by each level the game speed increases, as the size of the level, coins, etc..!

The game have a Dynamic difficulty balancing system, based on the phone's performance and screen size, but it only works if the player run the benchmark fist, the benchmark just need to be run one time (unless you reset the game data), and as you play for the first time the game display's an alert box asking you to run the benchmark.

This was my first android game, and has released mid-February on android market, so you can download it right now.

Check our Mini WebSite

See memefall Change log

The app already available on Android Market, for Android Phones and Tablets.

The BlackBerry Playbook have a simpler version without ads, and will recive a PRO version of the game based on the current android version but ad-free! for 1.99$ or even only 0.99$!

Available in Android Market

Available in BlackBerry App World

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